The Levity Manifesto

Levity is a safe space for silliness, frivolity, stupidity, pointlessness, experimentation, mediocrity, failure, and unabashed sincerity.

Levity is transparent. Constraints apply only to process, never to content. Heavy content is allowed and encouraged: get it out there so it doesn't weigh you down. Serious thoughts are the most important ones to express.

Levity is frictionless. Keep barriers to entry at a minimum. This applies to both tooling (updating should only ever require a keyboard and an internet connection) and outlook (as a wise man once said, "lower your standards").

Levity is ephemeral. Embrace temporal contingency: eschew version control, abandon the crutch of the "undo" button, and make peace with the vertigo that arises. Build for now, not the future, and discard the old without remorse.

Above all, levity is fun! It should never, ever feel like a chore – do it only if it makes you happy.