• 24/06/26 — Updated the albums page with a sidebar and a list for June

  • 24/06/12 — Added the writing index (and updated it). This had actually existed for a while and just wasn't linked from the homepage yet. Also added links to the markdown viewer and the albums page, though the latter is still under construction for now. (Note: there is also a SECRET writing index with some more stuff on it that isn't on the main index because it's bad, unfinished, or both, though obviously it's never gonna be linked from anywhere so good luck finding it)

  • 24/05/04 — Got a rough first iteration of the sunset slider working, with three discrete states (day, sunset, night). The eventual goal is for it to blend continuously between day and night, mimicking an actual sunset. I still need to add a few more "keyframe" states and then experiment with the blending implementation until it feels right. At least it does something though!

  • 24/05/03 — Refactored site JS to use modules (apparently supported by 97% of browsers? who knew). It's so much cleaner now! Also wrote a fancy util (require) to dynamically load scripts via script tags, for stuff that doesn't work with modules (eg the markdown libs).

  • 24/03/?? — Added a projects page because why not. This is such a dinky little thing compared to what I actually want to do (eg, photo/scan all my half-decent drawings and actually make an art page), but it's a start I guess? Updating a website is hard, man!