# Projects

##### Did I mention that I write software for a living?

## Here

- **[Journal](/journal)** — the first room I built for this house, and still the grandest. The journal is a single-page ajax app that loads entries stored in markdown files (or written inline in the entries list). Depends on the `marked`[^1] library for markdown parsing, along with the rest of the site.

- **[Markdown viewer](/md)** — fetches and renders any markdown file on this webdomain. Mostly a tool for me to look at random markdown files that aren't part of the journal, since *I* know where they are and *you* don't, heh heh heh!

- **[Albums](/albums)** — a dinky little personal Letterboxd for music.
  Confession: I've been reading Questionable Content on and off since its page count was in the low three digits. Back in the day Jeph Jacques would sometimes write about albums on a plain webpage (or at least that's how I remember it) and link it under the comic. This is inspired by that hazy memory.

- **[Sunset](/script/sunset.js)** — fancy dark mode via a slider you can drag from day to night. This is loaded and attached to the first `header` element on the page by `script.js`, which every page on this site _should_ include.

  This is still unfinished; the 3-state slider is just a first draft. The eventual goal is for the transition to be continuous, so that dragging the slider feels like watching a sunset.

#### Planned

- **Garden** — a standalone page where you can watch an ASCII art garden grow randomly (basically a screensaver). Inspired by [fungi.neocities.org](fungi.neocities.org) & Melonking's [pond](https://melonking.net/melon?z=/universe/fish/).

## Elsewhere

- **[Google webfont downloader](https://github.com/sand-bird/google-webfont-downloader)** — Node.js script to harvest webfonts (.woff files) from Google Fonts for self-hosting. I put this first since if you're coming from NeoCities it may be useful to you.
- **[Menagerie](https://github.com/sand-bird/menagerie)** — a game I've been working on intermittently for the last seven years or so, and will likely continue working on for at least another seven before it's actually playable, if it ever is.  But hey, there's some [devlogs](https://vimeo.com/user204385298)! you can hear my voice if you want! (FYI, feigning interest in this is a foolproof way to win my trust, for whatever that's worth)

- **[☆'s MHGen Talisman Editor](https://sand-bird.github.io/talismans/)** — like it says on the tin, a talisman editor for Monster Hunter Generations (I name my guy ☆ in monhun games).  This was my first Proper Big Boy Web App, a real resume topper (there's even an easter egg!). I'm still kinda proud of it, even though I basically just used it once to make myself a set of perfect talismans and have no idea if it was ever of value to anyone else.

[^1]: I also tried `markdown-it` and found it preferable because it supports configuration to disable parsing indented text as a code-block, which is important for stuff like poetry and also really helps quality of life when writing markdown within HTML. However, I ended up switching to `marked` because of something to do with footnote handling.