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Most Best Favorites!

Websites belonging to my personal heroes! Since I have a lot to say about these, I folded the text so you don't have to look at it unless you want to!

  1. A sprawling labyrinth of a website dedicated to monsters both real and virtual, which Jonathan Wojcik (aka the King of Swamps in my personal mythology) has been building for longer than many Real Humans have been alive!

    Bog's wonderfully idiosyncratic aesthetic tastes and the charming, witty, confident way he expresses them have challenged me to refine my own tastes again and again. His article about cockroaches (forever my favorite) completely transforms my outlook on the little guys every time I read it. Also there's games and scary stories and even an adventure series! He reviewed ALL the pogeymen and digimen and squishermen (this one's also always my favorite 'cause it's how I found the site and it's really good)! He even wrote a cool & spooky real actual book!! AMAZING! What can't this guy do???

  2. Ashley Cope's website, most notable as the home of Unsounded, the greatest comic ever made (Book 1 is ending SO SOON! Go read it now!!). But the website is handcoded and there's some other neat stuff on there too!

    Let me be clear: Unsounded isn't just the best webcomic ever made, it's straight up the best comic ever made, even though most of the chapters aren't published in print yet. Since this fact is self-evident once you actually read it, I won't waste your time trying to explain why. It's published for free on the internet! Go find out for yourself!!

    Ashley is also the absolute coolest. As if toiling away in sickness or health to put out at least one gorgeous page of history's greatest comic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at midnight sharp weren't already enough, she also maintains a Q&A blog where she patiently answers dumb questions from schlubs like me. She even made this site button just for me because she loves me! She said so!! Eeeee!!!

  3. Hey I made this button! You can click it which means it's also an ACTION BUTTON!

    This is an archive of video game reviews by (mostly) Tim Rogers, a man cursed with a divine gift, and another of my personal heroes. These articles are pretty old and he claims to be a bit embarrassed by them these days (which is why it's so nice that he revived the website so you don't have to go read them on archive.org anymore, thanks Tim!), but they are still the bedrock of my own critical canon. I've read all of them at least twice, probably!

    Tim attracted a lot of haters back in the day for his bombastic, blatantly autobiographical style. These essays are challenging reads for sure, but that's what makes them great! The abundant personal anecdotes are fascinating in their own right (Tim's an interesting guy), but they do serve a critical purpose: through the lens of what each game means to him, they give voice to something ineffable about the game itself. And couched within these nebulous semiotics are gems of timeless insight, a whole critical language expressed in its own particular way (eg "sticky friction", "looking for parking spaces", etc etc).

    Present-day older, mellower (but still dreamy) Tim Rogers now makes longform video essays about video games instead of longform text essays. These are also Extremely Great — just as challenging, at least as insightful, frequently as personal, and audiovisual! The only downside is that they take about 400 times longer to produce, but at least we can all have fun waiting together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Cool Sites

This section is reserved for human-made pages (mostly on NeoCities, probably) that I think are worth exploring. Hopefully this section will grow and grow until it's super long! I'll do my best to add stuff here as I come across it.

Misc Links

Under construction, sorry! Sometime I'll go through my bookmarks and add whatever neat stuff I find here :)